The development of business scenarios due to digitalization has widened the information gap between attack and defense, and the API architecture has become blind spots for enterprise security attack and defense

API abuse will become the most common attack vector leading to data breaches for enterprise web applications
——Gartner:What You Need to Do to Protect Your APIs

Business Risk Intelligence Platform

Provide enterprises with multi-dimensional and rich information on the black market, and greatly reduce the information gap between attack and defense. Threat Hunter divides intelligence into the following four dimensions: gangs, tools, traffic and resources, providing customers with rich intelligence sources covering the four dimensions. In terms of delivery mode, there are direct intelligence event alert, intelligence risk profile, intelligence source subscription service and expert intelligence service, supporting the application requirements of customers in various scenarios.

  • The capability of collecting over 2 billion pieces of intelligence per day
  • Multidimensional intelligence, covering attack tools, gangs and traffic
  • Multiple delivery modes to meet the needs of customers in any scenario
Account Security
Marketing Anti-Fraud
Crawler Risk
Data Leakage Risk
API Abuse Attack
API Security Control Platform

Help enterprises cover the blind spots of security attack and defense to calmly respond to new risks and challenges, and provide the capabilities of API asset visualization, sensitive data flow visualization, risk visualization and behavior visualization.

  • Automatic and dynamic API assets managing and data flow visualization
  • Intelligence-based API risk perception, with extremely high accuracy and coverage, achieving an average accuracy of 97.8%
API Asset Dynamic Visualization
API Data Flow Visualization
API Risk Visualization
API Behavior Visualization
Internal Network Violation Audit
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