Background and Challenges

In the digital era, API is the key to online application connection and data transmission, carrying the core business logic and a large amount of sensitive data. With the rapid development of business, the iteration and release cycle of API are also accelerated, and a large number of APIs have entered the blind spots of enterprise security management. In addition, API is also facing new risks and challenges. Logical and relational vulnerabilities have become the main challenges threatening API security, which are difficult for the traditional security defense strategies to cope with.

Capability Matrix of API Security Control Platform
API Asset Dynamic Visualization
Identify all the API assets of the enterprise. The automatic identification capability can avoid the asset blind spots caused by frequent updates of the enterprise API assets.
API Data Flow Visualization
API has become an important data channel. The platform will identify and record all sensitive data contained in the API, and real-time data flow situation awareness will enable enterprises to clearly understand their own data flow.
API Risk Visualization
Based on intelligence capability, the platform can accurately identify API attack events. Moreover, the platform will assess whether there are security defects in all API assets, Identifying and disposing risks before they occur.
API Behavior Visualization
The application scope of business systems in enterprises is more and more extensive, and these systems also bring new security management challenges to enterprises. The platform will record the API behavior of all accounts and actively identify risk actions, while providing enterprises with the ability to trace their behavior.
Platform Advantages

Comprehensive Coverage

Support detections of 98+ classes of sensitive data, 70+ types of defects, and 44+ dimensions of risks

Full Automation

Automatic and dynamic API assets managing and data flow visualization

High accuracy

Intelligence-based API risk perception, with extremely high accuracy and coverage, achieving an average accuracy of 97.8%

Zero Business Interference

Apply bypass mode, without affecting the existing network architecture and the continuity of bussiness
Application scenario
API Data Asset Management
API Risk Situation Awareness
API Data Security Audit
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