With the continuous development of information technology such as big data and cloud computing, the internal data flow of enterprises has gradually become shared and open. This trend is conducive to breaking through the data sharing barriers between different departments and systems in the organization, and even among various organizations, so that the enterprise data assets can exert greater value. However, in some scenarios of data resource sharing, enterprises will face the data security problem of sensitive data leakage.

Security Challenges
Illegal operation of internal personnel
Malicious internal personnel use their own legal access rights to conduct data violations and obtain illegal gains by tampering with enterprise business system data. Partners leak internal data by calling a large number of APIs to steal confidential information, codes, etc.,, causing a lot of losses of enterprises.
Complex role permission management
Violations of data security are often hidden in normal office activities, and even many events are caused by illegal operations of authorized users, applications, APIs and other objects. For such risks, the personnel structure is complex, and the permission management is difficult to be accurate. Moreover, the risk of such confusion in normal behavior easily leads to the failure of the enterprise to discover the data security problems in time.
Incomplete behavior records, difficult to trace
A number of network security regulations issued by the State clearly require enterprises to have the ability to trace security events. After data leakage, if some sensitive systems of the company are lack of complete log records and thus fail to trace, the compliance risk will occur.

Threat Hunter API security control platform has the ability to automatically manage data assets, helping enterprises manage t complex applications and interfaces within the organization, locate sensitive data assets, identify the accounts of data receiving and sending ends, analyze the source and whereabouts of sensitive data of accounts, draw interface profiles and access paths, discover user behavior risks in real time, and finally realize the visualization of data assets. In addition, it can comprehensively record the data access behavior, trace and analyze the leaked data content, evaluate the data leakage surface and the leakage source path, achieve effective management of the leakage event to meet the compliance supervision and reduce the loss.

Core Advantages
Zero business interference

The bypass deployment mode is adopted, without changing the existing network structure of the service with zero business interference.

Automatic mapping of data assets

Automatically identify the sensitive traffic, identify and establish API assets list, visually display and monitor in real time, timely discover the API vulnerabilities and comprehensively grasp the overall traffic.

Abnormal behavior analysis alert

Audit the user's access behavior, build a user model through an intelligent analysis engine, create a behavior baseline, quickly discover abnormal access and violations, and perceive the leakage risk in real time.

Sensitive data traceability

After a leakage event occurs, fully record the business behavior of sensitive API, support the event playback and evidence collection, and analyze the leakage surface to effectively manage the leakage event.

Why Threat Hunter?
Comprehensively visible traffic
Visualize and intelligently analyze the application layer data flow, comprehensively build overall situation awareness capability of data flow, and fully grasp the data flow risk to improve the business supervision capability.
Timely alert of external and internal risk
Timely discover suspicious high-risk data security events and illegal operations through the risk analysis of flow data, and timely respond to and trace the non-compliant behaviors.
Fully audit data access
Comprehensively audit data access to provide data security guarantee for the compliance and normal use and circulation of business data of the application system, and meet the requirements of compliance audit.
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