Background and Challenges

At present, the number of people online gambling in China exceeds 11 million, and there are tens of thousands of active gambling platforms every month. The accumulated number of active gambling APPs exceeds 170000, the number of gambling websites exceeds 600000, and more than 1 trillion yuan of funds flow overseas every year. Gambling platforms are generally promoted through abnormal channels. The platforms are covert and most of the service personnel are overseas, which increases the difficulty of the crackdown. Moreover, the rise of mobile payment and digital currency provides convenient payment conditions for online gambling, and the flow of funds is more diversified, which has brought new challenges to the bank's identification of the gambling related capital chain. The Administrative Measures for Bank Card Acquiring Business and other relevant laws and regulations clearly stipulate that banks and payment institutions engaged in acquiring business will be severely punished if they directly or indirectly provide payment services for gambling websites due to their failure to perform their duties.

Product Introduction
Threat Hunter bank card risk profiling product is based on the analysis of massive financial black-grey industry intelligence and knowledge graph capabilities. It can monitor more than 82,000 gambling platforms across the entire network, helping institutions quickly identify related accounts involved in online gambling and money laundering, understand the flow of funds, accurately monitor the actual situation of gambling-related financial chains, and effectively reduce the impact of online gambling and money laundering on normal business operations.
Product Functions
Identification of gambling risk card
The industry's most comprehensive database of bank card numbers related to gambling is available, which supports direct identification of bank cards used for gambling funds recharge and effective identification of risky bank accounts hidden in normal financial transactions.
Gambling risk payments feature monitoring service
Accurately monitor the characteristics of gambling related capital payments, timely discover the risk of gambling capital payments, and effectively help the platform to carry out risk control confrontation.
Monitor illegal payment means in real time
Quickly grasp the latest changes in the illegal payment behavior of current gambling websites and monitor in real-time any non-compliant recharge behavior on the platform.
Product Advantages
High coverage rate
Monitor over 830,000 gambling platforms across the entire network, covering the vast majority of active gambling platforms; automatically monitor and extract gambling-related intelligence using model-based techniques and capture screenshots for evidence, with a daily average of over 2,000 new pieces of intelligence added.
High accuracy
From the perspective of intelligence, support the bank's anti-money laundering system, provide 100% interpretable pure dark data samples to help the bank improve the accuracy of 20% - 30% anti-money laundering modeling and accurately locate risk accounts.
Complete chain of evidence for gambling
Provide screenshot evidence of non-compliant accounts involved in gambling and trace the source of the gambling platform, with a complete chain of evidence throughout the entire process of gambling funds recharge, making it easier for the business to handle non-compliant accounts.
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