Background and Challenges

E-mail box registration is the mainstream account registration method on domestic and foreign platforms at present. However, e-mail box does not require real-name authentication. Therefore, enterprises cannot get more user information and lack the tag profile of e-mail users, which also gives black market an opportunity to take advantage of it. Black market uses a large number of temporary mailboxes to register accounts or complete binding, and hoards a large number of accounts with hidden danger on the platform, which poses a great threat to the business security of the platform.

Product Introduction
Threat Hunter mailbox risk profile is based on the unique ‘honeypot’ proxy servers technology of Ever. Security and the risk mailbox identification engine modeled by intelligence resources, and it builds a real-time monitoring system for black market gangs, helps enterprises accurately identify temporary mailboxes and various normal mailbox accounts held by black market at home and abroad, and effectively helps enterprises solve the risk problem of mailbox accounts.
Product Functions
Accurate identification of temp mailbox
Identify five mailbox types, including temporary mailbox, enterprise mailbox, public mailbox, campus mailbox and invalid mailbox.
Identify the malicious mailbox using 'honeypot' tech
Based on the global malicious traffic monitoring, our honeypot proxy servers can clearly identify the malicious mailboxes held by the black market.
Product Advantages
High accuracy
Identify malicious email accounts based on intelligence resources, and determine the risks of mailboxes from the source, effectively avoiding the misjudgment caused by different business behavior judgment standards.
High coverage rate
The multi-dimensional monitoring of the open source intelligence, attack traffic intelligence, tool intelligence, etc. of the black market can comprehensively cover the malicious mailbox resources at home and abroad.
Strong real-time capabilities
Data is updated at the second level, supporting SaaS query and privatization deployment.
Application scenario
Identification of malicious registration
Access the mailbox profile in the registration process, timely identify risk mailboxes, and prevent the black market from hoarding a large number of accounts and conducting business malicious activities.
Identification of marketing risk
Accessing the mailbox profile in the marketing activities can find the black market behavior of taking a large number of coupons, and conduct targeted interception to avoid malicious use of the marketing activities.
Refinement of user operation
The inquired mailbox type can be added to the user's identity profile. Through fine hierarchical operation of users, the marketing activities can get twice the result with half the effort.
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